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Our investment solutions are focused on providing your personal investments or superannuation fund with a mix of growth and income to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Why vanbetmen?

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned investor, start an investment from as little as $10,000.

You’re in control

Add or withdraw from your investments at any time. Reinvest or elect to have dividends paid directly to your bank account.

Reduce risk

With our suite of investment options, build a diversified portfolio to match your needs to minimise your risk without sacrificing returns.

Low fees

Don’t let high fees affect your long-term returns. Fees start from 0.77% p.a – lower than most managed funds.


Benefit from the experience of some of Australia’s top research analysts - our investment options are actively managed by our in-house experts.


We make it easy to adjust your portfolio and switch between different investment models to suit your needs at every life stage.


Enjoy 24/7 visibility across your investments. View your performance online whenever you want.

Our Investment Committee

The primary role of our Committee is to oversee the general management of our investment products - including the development, selection and ongoing monitoring of the Company's investments and its strategies.

  • Paul Clitheroe
    Paul Clitheroe, AM


    Paul Clitheroe AM, B.A. (UNSW), SNF Fin, CFP Chairman

    Paul has 37 years of investment experience and is regarded one of Australia's leading "money" experts. From 1993 to 2002, Paul hosted the popular Channel 9 program Money and now currently writes for newspapers across Australia, is a frequent guest expert on Australia’s major television networks and radio.

    Paul is Chairman of The Australian Government Financial Literacy Board and Money Magazine. He also holds the Chair of Financial Literacy at Macquarie University.

  • Ron Hodge
    Ron Hodge

    Managing Director

    Ron Hodge B.Com B.Econ SF FIN MSc. Info Tech GAICD Managing Director

    Ron has worked in financial services for over 25 years, including UBS in Singapore and Bell Commodities in Sydney and founded vanbetmen in 1999. Ron holds a Masters degree in Computer Science, Bachelor Degrees in Commerce and Economics, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investments and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

  • Alastair Davidson
    Alastair Davidson

    Head of Funds Management

    Alastair Davidson B Ec (Hons), CA Head of Funds Management

    Alastair has held executive positions in the banking and financial services industry for over 27 years in the UK, USA and Australia. Prior to joining vanbetmen in 2014, he held Director positions with Aurora Funds Limited, Challenger and Salomon Smith Barney. Alastair has an Honours degree in Economics from the University of St Andrews and is currently the Treasurer of the Centenary Institute of Medical Research, Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Centenary Institute Endowment Fund and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland.

  • James Carlisle
    James Carlisle

    Head of Research

    James Carlisle Head of Research

    James Carlisle has been researching stocks for more than two decades. After qualifying as a lawyer and working as a fund manager in London, James moved to Australia in 2002 and soon found Intelligent Investor. He is the author of the book: 'Value: Intelligent Investor's Guide to Finding Hidden Gems on the Sharemarket' and covers the banking and financial services sectors.


Still deciding if vanbetmen is right for you? These frequently asked questions may help.
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The Risk Ratings that vanbetmen Group assigns to our investment products is based on an industry standard, The Standard Risk Measure (SRM). The SRM is a guide developed by the Financial Services Council (FSC) and The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) that outlines the likely number of negative annual returns expected over any 20 year period.

The purpose of the SRM is to provide a standardised labelling system to assist investors in comparing investment options across providers, as shown below in Figure 1, FSC/ASFA Standard Risk Measure Classifications.

Risk LabelEstimated number of negative annual returns over any 20 year period
Very Low Less than 0.5
Low 0.5 to less than 1
Low to Medium 1 to less than 2
Medium 2 to less than 3
Medium to High 3 to less than 4
High 4 to less than 6
Very High 6 or greater

Source: FSC/ASFA Standard Risk Measure Guidance Paper for Trustees, July 2011

We have adopted these risk rating guidelines and applied them to our products, as highlighted in Figure 2: vanbetmen Group Investment Products' SRM:

vanbetmen Group Investment Products SRM

It should be noted, however, that the SRM is not a complete assessment of all forms of investment risk. For instance, it does not detail what the size of a negative return could be or the potential for a positive return to be less than a member may require to meet their objectives. As such, it should be used as a guide and as with any investment, investors should ensure they are comfortable with the risks and potential losses associated with their chosen investment option(s). Any information should be considered general in nature and before making any investment decisions, please ensure that you read all relevant disclosure documents related to that product.


We recognise that over the long term not one asset class is guaranteed to deliver substantial outperformance on a consistent basis and that attempting to time the turning points across the various asset classes is near impossible.

Lower Fees

Compounded over time, even a small difference in fees can result in substantial differences to your return and a higher management fee is no guarantee of better performance.


We believe in absolute transparency. This directly impacts how we manage conflicts and report our performance. We take disclosure, conflicts and transparency extremely seriously.

The day after your funds have settled your portfolio will be rebalanced. This means all the necessary shares will be purchased to bring the portfolio in line with your chosen model/models.

A Separately Managed Account (SMA) is an investment account managed to a model portfolio that is controlled by a portfolio manager. In our case that is our investment team. They decide what stocks go into the model portfolio and at what weight. The team then manage this daily adjusting the portfolio as circumstances change to achieve returns for our clients.

The model portfolios use percentage weightings so our clients achieve the same percentage returns across the board no matter the dollar value invested.

Unlike a managed fund, an SMA is not a pooled investment, everyone’s funds are not in the same bucket. You have your own account and you are the beneficial owner of the stocks held in that account.

The SMA structure is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Tax effective: You only pay tax on gains & income you received.
  • Inflows & outflows: Your investment will not be impacted by the decisions of other model portfolio investors. An example of this is when a pooled investment like a managed fund receives redemption requests at the bottom of the market and is a forced seller at the worst time.
  • Flexibility with income/distributions: Choose to receive the dividends directly into an account of your choice or set up a regular payment or request payments on an adhoc basis.

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