Our investment philosophy

We believe in transparency and honesty. Central to our philosophy are our three core principles:


We recognise over the long-term, no one asset class is guaranteed to deliver consistent returns. Instead, we offer solutions to build a diversified portfolio to minimise risk without sacrificing returns.

Lower Fees

Compounded over time, even a small difference in fees can result in substantial differences to your return. That’s why our goal is to develop low cost investment solutions.


You can see what’s in your portfolio at any time and track changes made by us.

Australians invest in ASX shares, property, cash and to a lesser extent international equities and fixed Income. Over the past 70 years each asset classes has at one point or another ‘outperformed’ before experiencing some form of setback to underperform.

Over the long term no one asset class is guaranteed to deliver substantial outperformance on a consistent basis and we recognise that attempting to time the turning points across the various asset classes is near impossible.

That's why, with vanbetmen’s HealthCheck™ we help investors understand how their portfolio is diversified and whether it is appropriate in achieving their objectives.

To better diversify your portfolio or get you on the path to building your first investment portfolio, we offer the choice of two distinct investment strategies - Active Asset Allocation & Active Stock Selection.


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Active Asset Allocation

Our Active Asset Allocation portfolios are constructed by analysing the asset allocation of our peers and designing portfolios that we believe will deliver similar returns, but at a lower cost.

By using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and select individual securities, our portfolios provide exposure to a broad range of asset classes and regions.

The core objective of this strategy is to deliver returns in line with the selected benchmark.

Managed by the team at vanbetmen, these portfolios are offered as a Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and include our vanbetmen Portfolios listed below.

Active Stock Selection

The strategy offers investors exposure to a portfolio of 10 to 25 securities within a specific asset class, with the objective to outperform their respective benchmark.

Our Equity Investments

Our range of equity investments are managed by Intelligent Investor, our in-house analyst team. They follow a value investing approach which involves searching for undervalued stocks that offer strong long-term prospects.

Equity investments available as a Separately Managed Account (SMA) include our two Intelligent Investor Equity Portfolios or vanbetmen Australian Small Companies Fund as a Managed Fund.

Our Hybrid Portfolio

vanbetmen’s Hybrid Income Portfolio is designed for investors seeking a regular income stream with a lower risk profile than ordinary shares and a higher return than cash and cash like investments.

Managed by the funds team at vanbetmen, it offers investors the ability to diversify their portfolio by investing across a selection of 10 to 25 ASX-listed debt and preference securities and is available as a Separately Managed Account (SMA).

Our Performance

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